Quallity aluminum windows and doors offer a wide variety of choices for building and residential houses.


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Aluminum Surface Discoloration; number of years varies by finishing process

- White and Gray powder coated aluminum materials – 5 Years

- Sandalwood Grain and Teakwood finish aluminum materials – 3 Years

- Champagne Finish Aluminum Materials – 20 Years

- Satin finish aluminum materials – 20 Years

Free Replacement of Parts Under Normal Usage – 3 Years

Free Service and Maintenance – 3 Years

If any problem with the products arise, our staff can provide free inspection and repair for the following problems:

- Problems with opening and closing products

- Issues with locks

- Water Leakage or Overflow

- Difficulty in sliding (smoothness)

Items Excluded from Warranty

- This warranty does not cover manmade accidents like collision, improper removal or re-installation that cause any damage to aluminum frame, glass or spare parts, etc.

- Due to misuse / mishandling of the product resulting to scratches, paint oxidizing, and color fading.

- Environmental factors such as floods, fire, earthquakes, usually strong storms, high air pollution or chemical corrosion, etc.

Windows and Doors Maintenance Tips

- During daily use, always remember to open and close the windows and doors lightly, do not force, and do not pull hard.

- Do not collide it with hard and strong materials that would cause scratches to its frame.

- When pushing or pulling windows and doors, should check the handles if it’s still in good condition. Otherwise, need to repair or replace if damaged, so as not to affect the whole system.

- In case of repainting the room, cover the whole aluminum windows and doors with clean cloth or paper.

- Avoid using chemicals, acidic detergents to clean the windows and doors, which will cause damage to the surface.

- Methods in cleaning the windows and doors.

- Use medium detergent mixed with water which makes up 5% of liquid soap solution.

- Use soft cloth and liquid soap solution in cleaning the surface of the glass windows and doors.

- Then use clean water to mop the surface clean.

- Use dry soft cloth to absorb the remaining water drops on the surface.